Dr. Zhao is an exceptional practitioner. She is knowledgeable about all aspects of medicine and knows how to treat many kinds of ailments, even ailments that are quite complex.

Dr. Zhao is kind and attentive. She answers all your questions in a way that is understandable. She has been treating me with acupuncture and herbal medicine for just a few months, but I already feel healthier and with more energy.

Her office space is comfortable, very relaxing and peaceful.

You will be greatly benefited by seeing Dr. Zhao. She is an amazing healer!

-- Wendy Mandel, Boston, MA

I think I know my body very well so I will only consult a doctor who is an expert. I sought Dr Zhao’s treatment because I researched her credentials and I was impressed by her study and training and experience. I have a bunch of different little issues with digestion and breathing and sports injuries and aging. Dr Zhao understands my body way better than I do and it was incredible to watch her sort it out and treat way more of my checklist than I ever imagined. And she also managed the billing with the insurance. This was my first winter back in the Hub in many years and I sailed through it with full health. And I got in better shape than I have in years. Dr Zhao’s herbs gave me the strength to turn the corner. She speaks frankly but gently. What a wonderful doctor!

-- Zweli Miller


Dr. Zhao has introduced me to a new concept of balancing my health through the alignment of my body's functioning. I'm so excited to be on this journey! Acupuncture and Chinese medicine affords me the opportunity to improve my health while also fitting in some necessary R&R into a busy life! Dr. Zhao is welcoming, compassionate, and professional. She is a good listener and reads my specific health needs well. She makes every effort to understand and my health goals. The office is clean and comfortable and decorated with Dr. Zhao's personal photographs of nature and beautiful birds. I am so pleased with my experience at Dr. Zhao's practice! As I develop a deeper understanding of this holistic approach to balanced health, I am confident that I've found an amazing fit with Dr Zhao!

-- Melissa Rusek, Teacher, Cheshire, MA


Dr. Xingning Zhao has been my acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Doctor for 10 years. Not only do I protect my immune system by monthly visits to Dr. Zhao's, but when I travel I carry with me her Chinese Medicine herb teas or pills to take care of digestive or respiratory issues that may occur. Chinese medicine does not interfere with any other Western Medicine treatment but enhances it. For me, Acupuncture has often replaced other more invasive treatments and kept me healthy, now well in my 70's. Dr. Zhao is a caring acupuncturist with a quick mind and diagnostic; she is a wonderful listener and guides you through your individual treatment with patience and an informed respect for the body's natural processes of healing.

If you are looking for Alternative Medicine, I believe Acupuncture practiced by this doctor could be a solution to unsolved physical issues. It works for me.

-- Ghetta Hirsch, Retired School Principal


I have been a patient of Dr. Zhao’s for about 11 years, and through acupuncture she has relieved many health issues for me. I became a believer in acupuncture healing when my wife, who was suffering from sciatica, and through the recommendation of a friend, visited Dr. Zhao to relieve her pain. On that afternoon, I was literally carrying my wife into the office, and about an hour latter, she was walking out on her own.

Since then, Dr. Zhao has relived me of allergy issues and sinus problems. Her treatments have strengthened my immune system to the point of no longer having to take allergy medications.

I have arthritis in several joints, most painful are my knees. Dr. Zhao has relieved the pain associated with my joints to a very tolerable level. Occasionally, I suffer from back issues, and again, she has given much relief in that area. With the arthritis, I have the double whammy, which is a skin irritation. Through acupuncture, again, Dr. Zhao has relieved the itch and burn, and presently, the irritation is gone!

I do realize that medications and physical therapy have their place in the healing process for the human body, but I highly recommend evaluating Dr. Zhao’s acupuncture as an alternative in helping your body achieve the total healing process.

-- Paul Allen, Physics Teacher


My wife and I have had acupuncture with our Chinese Medicine doctor, Dr. Xingning Zhao, for over 15 years. During those years she treated us for such conditions as sinus headaches, bronchitis, sciatica, neuropathy, arthritis,and bone injuries. Sometimes she dispenses some Chinese herbs to help our conditions. Dr. Zhao treats us with patience, honesty, and respect while she diagnoses our problems and provides the appropriate treatment. We try to have monthly maintenance sessions to help strengthen our immune systems and are grateful that we have such a practitioner that we can see for any problem that may crop up.

We have guided some of our friends to see Dr. Zhao for their health and pain problems and will continue to recommend her. Acupuncture promotes natural healing, and treats the underlying problem rather than just masking the problem. Good medical care should be a union of Western medicine with acupuncture.

-- Sandra and Dennis Zepka


When I called Dr. Xingning Zhao for an acupuncture appointment, I hoped she could help lower my blood pressure without medication. She did that and so much more. Dr. Zhao treats body, mind and spirit. I have seen Dr. Zhao approximately twice a month for seven years and I have never felt better in my life. I have lost over 30 pounds and I still have no need of medication for blood pressure. I cannot say enough good things about being in the holistic health care of Dr. Xingning Zhao.

-- Ellen Barber, EdD


Dr. Zhao has helped me a lot! She is very personable and also responsive to ALL of my health needs. Her office is clean and decorated with her beautiful photography and the location is also very convenient with lots of parking in the area. For anyone that lives or works in the Boston-Cambridge-Somerville-Medford area, you can’t beat Dr. Zhao. She inquires about your life-style and your personal health goals and tailors her treatment to address your needs each time you visit. I always walk out of her office with more energy and less pain. I fully recommend Dr. Zhao without any hesitation whatsoever. You will not be sorry if you decide to begin working acupuncture into your weekly routine.

-- Ryan McCarthy, teacher