Interesting clinic cases: Amenorrhea (absence of menstruation), Facilitating labor, Interstitial cystitis, Fatigue, Correction of baby breech position in pregnancy, Hives, “Bladder pain”, Prostate cancer with PSA elevation, Athlete’s foot, Body itching, Bell’s palsy, Alcoholism, Abnormal sweating, Urinary dribbling/frequency, Infertility, Neutropenia (low WBC count), Teenager anxiety/PTSD, Alcohol intoxication, Insomnia, Diabetes, Vertigo, Migraine, Breast Enlargement from Early Puberty, Major Depression, Shoulder Pain

10/30/2020 Excessive sweating (Hyperhidrosis)

I treated another two cases of abnormal sweating recently. Both are middle age women. One woman has had this problem since her college era. She had sweating all the time, especially in her underarms, feeling “very embarrassed” in public place. She tried “everything” and finally ended with Botox injection in her underarms and the sweating in underarms much improved (Botox paralyzes the nerve that activates sweating glands). However, her body constitution is unchanged and she still generated excess sweating and the sweat came out of other areas of her body, especially in her groin areas. She did not want Botox injection anymore because she believed that it will not correct her “root problem”. She found me and asked for help. After my first acupuncture treatment, she reported significant improvement. She rated her previous sweating level as 8-9 out of 10 in scale, and after my first treatment, it became 3 out of 10.

Another woman also has had excessive sweating in her underarms for many years, needing to change clothes often. It bothered her daily. After my treatment, it was soon substantially improved and no longer “noticeable” anymore.

Please also see my other post of 01/14/2020 for abnormal sweating treatment.

09/19/2020 Amenorrhea (the absence of menstruation period)

I treated another two cases of amenorrhea (the absence of menstruation) recently.

One is a high school girl, who has history of the absence of menstruation period for three years. She used to follow her doctor on female hormone therapy. When she used the hormone, her period was induced but once she stopped using hormone, she would not have period. Her mother was worried that her daughter becoming depending on the hormone and thought that in the long run, it was not good for her.  So prior to seeing me, the girl did not use hormone for three months and did not have period. Her mother did not want to resume hormone therapy and brought her daughter to me for help. I treated her with Chinese herbs. After one month, the girl started to have spotting for two weeks. After another month, the girl had a normal menstruation period. Both the girl and her mother were very happy. I am continuing current treatment to consolidate the effect.

Another case is a young woman around age 30. She has polycystic ovarian syndrome diagnosed at teenage age. She had been taking birth control pill for many years. Six months ago, she stopped birth control pill because she wanted to get pregnancy but since then, she had not had menstruation period. She then followed a naturopathic doctor for treatment and she only had one menstruation period within the six months. Recently, she found me and asked for help. I treated her with acupuncture and Chinese herbs. After the first acupuncture treatment, she happily told me that her menstruation period came. We are continuing current treatment to consolidate the result. Posted by Xingning Zhao, 9/19/2020

09/15/2020 Facilitating labor

A pregnant woman around age 40 was past due for her labor. About two weeks before her due date, her cervix dilated to 1.5 cm. However, her labor did not progress over the subsequent two weeks, and she became past due; her cervix still not further dilated and her uterus was quiet with only sporadic infrequent contractions. Her gynecologist suggested inducing labor but she asked my help instead. After I gave her two acupuncture treatments, her active labor started on the third day and her whole labor process was much shorter and smoother than her previous one. She delivered a healthy baby. Posted by Xingning Zhao, 9/15/2020

08/22/2020 Interstitial cystitis

A middle age woman has history of urinary frequency, urgency and painful urination for 10-20 years, and it becomes gradually worse over the last three years. Over the last six months, especially last three months, it becomes much worse.   She experienced frequent urination and urgency every day. Every 45 min during day time, she had to urinate, and at night, she had to get up to urinate 6-7 times.  However, each time she urinated, she could only urinate very little, “one spoon”,  and the urination was extremely painful. She saw doctors and was diagnosed with “interstitial cystitis” and suggested to get surgical treatment because she failed all other conventional treatments.  She declined surgery and would like to try something else. She then found me and asked for help, but initially she was very skeptical whether I could help her.  I treat her with acupuncture and Chinese herbs. After my first acupuncture treatment, she felt “good” afterwards, and after ten days when she came back for following up (yesterday), she said she is much better, “70% better”.  She now urinates every two hours during day time and has night time urination only twice per night, each time can urinate “one cup or more.” The pain associated with urination is much reduced. We would continue current treatment to further relieve her symptoms. Also, see my post of 6/30/2020 for another case of “bladder pain” treatment. Posted by Xingning Zhao, 8/22/2020

07/23/2020 Chronic fatigue

A woman in her 30s has been suffering fatigue for three years. It got much worse over the last few months, to the point that she felt extremely tired and could not continue to work. She also felt “out of breath” all the time. So she went to a hospital Emergency department quite a few times, and was tested for Covid-19 repetitively and all were reported negative. Her other tests were normal for thyroid function and liver. Recently she found me and asked for help. I am treating her with acupuncture and herbs. After my first acupuncture treatment, she reported that her “chest is open” and she is able to breathe again. After second treatment, her energy level was significantly improved and she said “you save me” and was very happy. We are continuing current treatment to consolidate the result. Posted by Xingning Zhao, 7/23/2020

07/16/2020 Correction of baby breech position in pregnancy

Recently, a woman with 8 month pregnancy asked my help for baby breech position. Her pregnancy has been uneventful until recently. Six weeks ago her baby position was head down, but a more recent Ultrasound study indicated that her baby position became  buttock down. Her OBGY asked her to do body position maneuver but instead, she asked me for help. I gave her two acupuncture treatments, and afterwards, her repeated ultrasound showed that her baby position was converted to head down again. Acupuncture is usually very effective at 7 to 8 month pregnancy in correction of baby breech position, and the treatment will be more difficulty after 9 month pregnancy.  Posted by Xingning Zhao, 7/16/2020

07/15/2020 Headache, taped off medication

A young man has history of long standing headache and has been taking a medication for three years prescribed by his neurologist. He experienced significant side effects with the medications including fatigue, forgetfulness, poor concentration and always felt that his brain was “not clear” so he really wanted to stop the medications but he was dependent on it. He recently asked for my help. After my first acupuncture treatment, he had immediate improvement and he cut one quarter dosage of the mediation. After a few treatments, he completely stopped the medication by himself. He is feeling very good with elevated energy and feels happy again. I encouraged him to keep his appointment with his neurologist next month for reevaluation. Also, see my posts of 11/8/2019, 3/8/2020, 6/27/2020 for other interesting cases of headache treatment. Posted by Xingning Zhao 7/15/2020

07/11/2020 Hives, not respond to medications

A young woman with one week history of  Hives (Urticaria) recently asked for my help. More than one week ago, she was shopping in a supermarket and she felt very cold due to the air conditioning in the store. After returning home, she developed rashes in her skin. The rashes soon spread and were very itchy. The problem was progressively worse over the next one week. For three days in a roll, the rashes got to the point, it drove her “crazy” and she could not sleep at all during night due to the extreme itching all over. She saw various doctors and tried various anti-allergy medications and medications for itching without any effect. She has a history of recurrent Hives before but usually it only lasted 1-2 days and subsided with anti-histamine medication. But this time, the problem had lasted one week without response to multiple medications. She finally found me and asked for help. Upon examination, she had Hives lesions (raised erythematous patches) in her face and all over her body. Her skin was red and puffy. I gave her acupuncture treatment and she had immediate response. At the end of my first  acupuncture treatment, all the rashes in her body subsided and disappeared! Her skin returned normal looking. I booked a second treatment in case she will have relapse and also gave her herbs to take before her next appointment. The second day, she called and told me that some rashes came back but she could not come in. I instructed her to take the herbs and see me sooner if getting worse. She called me today that she is taking my herbs and her rashes were all gone again and she believes that she is “cured”. I instructed her to call me if any problem. Posted by Xingning Zhao, 7/11/2020

06/30/2020 “Bladder pain”

A middle age woman developed severe “bladder nerve pain” a few months ago. During Covid-19 pandemic, restrooms or mobile toilets were closed in parks or recreation places. While she did walking exercise, she had to hold urine because not being able to find restroom, and after a while, she developed pain in her “bladder”, especially associated with her urination. She had urinary urgency, frequency and severe pain, happened all day long. She has history of insomnia and the pain made her sleep much worse and kept her wake because of the urge feeling of urination but no urine output when urinated. She saw her doctor and was told it is related to “nerve” and not much could be done to help her. She was hospitalized and treated with psycho medications and pain medications without help. She recently found me and asked for help. After my first acupuncture treatment, she reported that for the first time in a few months, she did not have “bladder nerve pain” at night and she was able to sleep. We are continuing acupuncture treatment to consolidate the result. Posted by Xingning Zhao, 06/30/2020

06/27/2020 Migraine

Added another case of migraine treatment. This is a young woman with 10 years history of migraine. Migraine attacks usually happen twice a month. In addition to it, she has regular headache every day. She has been taking medications for headache but having significant side effects so she found me and asked for help. I treated her with acupuncture and herbs. After a couple of treatments, she has not had migraine attack for one month and her regular headache is also significantly reduced. Her doctor plans to taper her medications. We will continue treatment to consolidate the result. Posted by Xingning Zhao, 6/27/2020

06/25/2020 Prostate cancer with elevation of PSA

A man in his sixties was diagnosed with prostate cancer with significantly elevated PSA (over 100 ng/ml) last year. He declined chemo therapy and radiation therapy but accepted hormone therapy for a limited period of time, then he stopped it and came to me for help. While I strongly encouraged him to follow his doctor’s advice, I treated him with acupuncture and Chinese herbs. After one month, his PSA level returned within normal range, and with further treatment, his PSA progressively decreased further, with recent test showing only 0.07 ng/ml. We will continue the treatment to consolidate the result. Posted by Xingning Zhao, 6/25/2020

06/20/2020 Successful pregnancy

Added another case of successful treatment for infertility and miscarriage. This is a woman in her thirties. She came for infertility treatment and she has a history of miscarriage twice in a roll, each with fetus’ loss in early pregnancy. About nine weeks ago, she achieved pregnancy after my treatment and I continued treating her with acupuncture and herbs to prevent fetus’ loss. Her pregnancy has been well maintained and the fetus is developing well beyond the dates of her previous fetus loss. She had an ultrasound study recently which detected very strong heart beats of the fetus. She is very happy. We are continuing TCM treatment to maintain her pregnancy. Posted by Xingning Zhao, 6/20/2020  

06/19/2020 Athlete’s foot

A young farmer came to see me recently for severe Athlete’s foot. He has had this problem for many years and recently relapsed and got worse. He has itching, scaling, cracking, redness, blisters and swelling in both feet. He saw an herbalist before without help. He also tried various topical medications before without much help. I gave him Chinese herbs to soak his feet. After three bags of herb treatment, he is significantly improved and one foot is almost cleared. We will continue herb therapy  to achieve further improvement. Posted by Xingning Zhao, 6/19/2020

06/12/2020 Whole body itching

A middle age man came to see me recently for body itching. He says he developed whole body itching about six months ago. It involves everywhere of his body, very severe, to the point that he could not sleep at night because of itching. He saw doctors and was treated with various oral and topical medications without any effect. He then tried acupuncture and Chinese herbs elsewhere for six months without help also. He recently found me and asked for help. I treated him with acupuncture and herbs. After a few treatments, his itching significantly improved and after total ten treatments, he was cured. Posted by Xingning Zhao, 6/12/2020

06/06/2020 Bell’s Palsy

Our clinic recently re-opened after temporarily shut down for Covid-19 pandemic. I recently treated a case of Bell’s palsy. This is a college student, developed acute half face paralysis, with drooping of his eyelid and mouth, losing saliva, taste change. He found me two days later after developing the facial palsy. I treated him with acupuncture. After a few treatments, his facial paralysis was 100% recovered. Please note that in China, Bell’s palsy is mostly treated with acupuncture, instead of cortisone hormone treatment. Treatment starts earlier, the better. Posted by Xingning Zhao, 6/6/2020

03/08/2020 Migraine

Treated another case of migraine recently. This is a young woman, who has had significantly increasing mental stress over the last six months and two weeks ago, developed acute migraine headache. The headache was severe, with dizziness, nausea, loss of appetite and photophobia (fear of light). The headache was worse at night so for a few days, she could not sleep at all. She saw her doctor and tried prescribed medication and over the counter medication without effect. If fact, her headache was worse after taking medication. Three days ago she tried acupuncture (elsewhere) and it made her headache worse. Her family member found me and brought her in for help. On her first encounter, she looked very pale, anxious and restless. I gave her acupuncture treatment. Today, she looked much more relaxed and her face was no longer pale. She reported that her headache was relieved after the first treatment and she had good sleep and recovered her appetite. Also, see my post of 11/8/2019 for a case of migraine treatment. Posted by Xingning Zhao, 3/8/2020

02/25/2020 Anxiety

Share another case of anxiety treatment. This is a college student who has significant family history of mental illness and has had significant anxiety problem since his childhood. He was anxious daily and nervous about small things and big things. In school, he was nervous when taking classes and became very nervous when academic exam was coming. His sleep quality was very poor. His doctor suggested him to take medication but he “does not like medication”. A few weeks ago, he came cross me and asked for help. After my first acupuncture treatment, he reported me that he felt better. After another few treatments, he told me that he no longer feels anxious most of the time. He can attend classes much more comfortably without feeling of nervousness and he can even take exam without much anxious feeling. He said his brain becomes “sharper” and he is “more smart”, taking exam easier than before. He is sleeping much better with better energy and much better feeling of overall well-being. Posted by Xingning Zhao, 2/25/2020

02/17/2020 Diabetes

Add another interesting case of Diabetes treatment. This is a young teenage girl with uncontrolled diabetes on insulin treatment. Her sugar was under poor control and prior to seeing me, her fasting blood sugar was over 300. She was hunger all the time and had poor energy level. She was also nervous and anxious without confidence in combating her illness. I began to see her about four weeks ago. One week after her first acupuncture treatment, her fasting blood sugar dropped to 147; after another two treatments, her sugar has now dropped to 127. Her latest sugar measurement before lunch was 87. Her insulin dose is unchanged. She reports no longer feeling hunger without need to look for foods all the time. She also has significantly increasing energy level. She is happy and smiling each time coming to see me, a big contrast to her initial visit. Posted by Xingning Zhao, 2/17/2020

02/08/2020 Alcoholism

Add another case of successful treatment of alcoholism. This is a woman in her 60’s, has been drinking alcohol since her teenage age and has strong family history of alcoholism. She also has a variety of other problems, such as significant anxiety on medication treatment. She drank alcohol daily and prior to seeing me, she was having 5 drinks a day. She attends AA and tried different treatments without much effect. Six weeks ago she found me and asked for help. After my first acupuncture treatment, she reported 50% reduction of alcohol drinking. After second treatment, she had two drinks a day and after third treatment, her drinking reduced to one drink a day. Now after five treatments, she has not drunk any alcohol over the last 10 days! Her family is so proud of her. I also give her herbs. With my holistic approaches, her other symptoms are also significantly improved, such as significant reduction of anxiety, much better energy level, improved skin condition, etc. Also please see my post of 11/29/19 for other alcohol related cases treatment and my post of 11/8/19 for a clinical study of acupuncture on alcohol dependence and withdrawal. Posted by Xingning Zhao, 2/8/2020

01/20/2020 Abnormal sweating

A middle age woman has a long standing history of abnormal sweating. She has had this problem for many years. Her sweating happens in episodes, with sudden onset without apparent trigger factors, and happens “all the time”, especially on her both armpits (bilateral axillary areas) so she has to use paper pads in the areas and changes her clothes often within a day. She has been seeing doctors and tried different means without help. She found me recently and asked for help. After my first acupuncture treatment, she reported significant improvement. Over the next few days until her second visit with me, she only had one episode of sweating! She reported reduction in both the frequency of sweating episodes and in the severity of sweating. She no longer put pads on her armpits or change clothes often. Posted by Xingning Zhao, 1/20/2020

01/14/2020 Urinary incontinence

Treated an interesting case of urinary incontinence recently. This is a 70 years old man, who has a long standing history of urinary dribbling and frequency. He started to have urinary dribbling more than 40 years ago and the problem happened almost on daily basis. More than 20 years ago, he also developed  frequent urination and night time urination (nocturia). He used to get up very frequently at night to urinate. In the morning, he had to go to bath room at least 5 to 6 times so normally, he avoided to get out of door before noon time. His urinary flow was also not “full” (weak stream). He saw urologists and tried different treatments without effect. He also sought help from a Chinese medicine practitioner without much effect. He recently found me and asked for help. After my first acupuncture treatment, he reported significant improvement in his symptoms. After 2nd treatment, he said his symptoms were reduced “50% or more”. At night, he only needs to get up 1 – 2 times to urinate and in the morning, he urinates 2 times, occasionally 3 times. His urinary stream becomes “full” (stronger). He is very happy with the result. Currently, we are continuing the treatment to gain further improvement and I am also treating his other problems. Posted by Xingning Zhao, 01/14/2020

01/03/2020 Infertility

Add another interesting case of infertility treatment. This woman is about 40 years old and had not been able to get pregnant over the last 6-7 years. She tried different treatments with an infertility clinic without success. She also tried acupuncture treatment elsewhere for one year without result.  A few months ago, she came to see me. At her initial visit, I evaluated her and told her that I have confidence in helping her to become pregnant. I treated her with acupuncture and Chinese herbs, and guided her about her daily routines, diet adjustment and every aspects of achieving pregnancy. She had twists and turns and was anxious during this process but I remained confidence on her. She finally delivered good news to me that she was found to become pregnant about ten days ago.  She is so excited and at the same time, she is very nervous and worried because she has history of recurrent miscarriage.  So we have another “big job” ahead, that is, keep and maintain her pregnancy. While she will follow her gynecologist closely, I will use my expertise to help her to maintain her pregnancy.  For more recent stories about my treatment for infertility and miscarriage, please see my post on 7/14/2019. Posted by Xingning Zhao 01/03/2020

01/02/2020 Neutropenia (low white blood cell count)

A middle age woman was found to have low white blood cell (WBC) count during a regular physical evaluation about six months ago. She followed her doctor to monitor WBC count, and two months later, the count was still low. After another two months, the repeated WBC count remained low and she was referred to see a hematologist. She became very anxious and nervous since she has family history of leukemia.  A few of her relatives have leukemia. She is also having increasing fatigue feeling. While seeing her hematologist and continued monitoring her WBC count, she asked my help. I treated her with acupuncture and Chinese herbs. After a few treatments, her WBC count began to elevate gradually.  At the most recent test two weeks ago, her WBC count returned normal! She is also physically feeling better with much better energy.  Posted by Xingning Zhao 01/02/2020

12/31/2019 Teenager anxiety/PTSD

A high school senior was sent by his Mom to me for help. He used to be a very healthy “A” student in school. A few months ago, his roommate committed suicide and immediately afterwards, he developed significant anxiety and PTSD. He was anxious all the time, could not sleep, could not concentrate and his condition became progressively worse so that he could not attend classes, could not function, and was on the verge of quitting school. He received conventional treatments with limited help. His mom sent him to me for help. After about six acupuncture treatment, his condition became stabilized along reduced anxiety, better sleep and much improved mental concentration. He was able to go back to attend classes. With my further treatment, he was almost totally recovered and he performed good academically, and now he was successfully admitted into college! I saw another teenager today as a new patient, brought in by his mother with PTSD from a severe car accident. I told the mom that I should be able to copy the successful story on her son also. Also, please visit my post on 8/23/2019 for a case of major depression I treated recently. Posted by Xingning Zhao 12/31/2019

11/26/2019 Alcohol intoxication

Recently with holiday season coming, alcohol consumption is increasing. I treated a few patients with alcohol intoxication or alcohol related problems over the last few days and I share these few cases here:

One woman in her 30’s, drank during her friend’s birth day party a few days ago and developed alcohol intoxication symptoms and signs: she had dizziness, headache, facial flushing and stomach cramp. After one acupuncture treatment, all of her symptoms were largely gone. I also gave her two days’ herbs to take to consolidate the effect.

A man in his 20’s, has long standing acid reflux problem on medication treatment. He drank alcohol and got significant exacerbation of acid reflux, not relieved by medications. After one treatment, he felt “much better”. After two treatments with acupuncture combined with herbs, he has not experienced acid reflux so far and previously he had it almost daily. I advised him to avoid alcohol and other irritable foods.

A third man in his 30’s, has long standing history of alcohol consumption and he had central nerve damage years ago by taking alcohol and pain medication together, and slowly recovering. Recently, he drank and took pain medication four hours apart in the same day. He developed signs of alcohol damage to his brain afterwards: declining memory, difficulty in mental concentration, blurred vision. He also has had signs of peripheral nerve damage for many years: tingling and numbness feeling in both of his arms. He was referred to come to see me. After my initial treatments, his mental function is improving and he feels better. While I will continue helping his cognitive functioning, we will focus on his peripheral nerve damage in future. Also, please visit the Blog of this website on the section of Latest News On Acupuncture to read a new study about acupuncture effect and mechanism in relieving alcohol intoxication. Posted by Xingning Zhao 11/26/2019

11/15/2019 Diabetes

A middle age man came to see me a short while ago for a nerve system related problem. Within a few treatments, I solved his problem. He also has long standing diabetes and is using insulin pump. His fasting sugar used to be 220-250. When I addressed his nerve issue, I used a holistic approach so his sugar also improved. Within three weeks, his fasting sugar comes down to 170-180 range. Can acupuncture and herbs treat diabetes? See this study. Posted by Xingning Zhao 11/15/2019

11/14/2019 Insomnia

A woman in her 30’s has significant insomnia for a while. It started with an oversea trip to Asian. When she returned US, she could not fall asleep during night. Initially she thought that it was due to “jet lag” and it would disappear after one week or 10 days. But it turned out that the problem continued and got worse with time. She had difficulty in falling asleep, and when she finally fell asleep, her sleep was very shallow and she woke up often during sleep. As a result of it, she had headache and lack of energy during day time. Before she came to see me, she had three nights in a row during which she “could not sleep at all!” She sit up from the bed and searched online acupuncture treatment for insomnia and found me! After the first acupuncture treatment, she reported that she had a good sleep at that night. On the second and third night after the 1st treatment, she could fall asleep easily but did not have a very sound sleep although better than before. She came for 2nd treatment and 3rd treatment, and she reported good sleep afterwards every night. she no longer has headache and she has good energy level. She is back to normal functional status. She likes to continue seeing me to consolidate the result. Posted by Xingning Zhao 11/14/2019

11/08/2019 Vertigo

A man in his 40’s, has significant vertigo problem for a long time, getting worse over the last three months, during which he went to emergency room four times. He had vertigo attack frequently, and the most severe episode lasted one week. Because of it, he frequently called sick, and avoided travelling and social activities (he fainted in a friend’s party and was sent to emergency room). He saw multiple neurologists and specialists, trying “every thing” including medications without effect. He was very nervous about a coming oversea trip. Three weeks ago he came to look for my help. After the first acupuncture treatment, he felt “very good” and he continues to see me. Over the last three weeks, he has not had single vertigo attack! He now has confidence in taking his coming trip. With my holistic approaches, he also feels his body being “much better” overall with more energy. Posted by Xingning Zhao 11/08/2019

11/08/2019 Migraine

A woman in her 30’s, had a car accident about 12 years ago. Since then she developed severe migraine, which happens “all the time.” She also has significant allergy problem during fall season, which causes “sinus headache.” She tried “every things” and took medications for headache without much effect. She was also scheduled to have a sinus surgery which she was told may help her sinusitis. Three weeks ago, she came to see me. Immediately after the first acupuncture treatment, she said she “has not felt so good for many years.” Now, she no longer has headache and her allergy problem is also “gone” so she stopped her medications and her doctor cancelled the surgery. She is so happy with the result and “tell everyone coming to see (me)”. Posted by Xingning Zhao 11/08/2019

8/28/2019 Young girl with breast enlargement

A 7 years old girl complained to her mother that her right breast was “painful” recently. Her mother found a tender lump beneath her daughter’s right nipple and the right breast was enlarged. The mother was alarmed and brought her daughter to a pediatrician. The doctor did an x-ray and told the mother that her daughter’s bone age was “9 years old” and her daughter’s problem was due to “early puberty.” The doctor subsequently referred the girl to a pediatric endocrinologist. While waiting for the evaluation of the endocrinologist, the mother brought her daughter to me for help. After one acupuncture treatment, the pain in the right breast significantly decreased. At the third visit, the girl said the distention feeling and pain in her breast were gone and she was very happy. The size of the lump decreased in size with further treatments, and the lump disappeared and the breast size returned normal after total eight treatments. Posted by Xingning Zhao 8/28/2019

8/23/2019 Major Depression

A college professor in his 50’s, has long standing history of major depression, took four different anti-depressants at the same time. He reported that his head was “heavy and cloudy” all the time and he was not able to perform teaching and other academic work effectively; had “very poor quality of life”. After receiving my treatment with acupuncture and herbs for a few months, he has gradually felt better and has been able to taper off his medications gradually. Currently he tapered off and discontinued all his anti-depressants and only take one sedative on as needed basis. He feels that he is “revived” again. He is able to bring his students to field trips again. To see some studies about acupuncture’s effect and mechanism on depression, click here. Posted by Xingning Zhao 8/23/2019

8/17/2019 Shoulder pain

Added two more interesting cases of shoulder pain to my long list of the patients successfully treated for pain.

A 50 years old woman, developed right shoulder pain a few months ago. She has received physical therapy and twice-a-week acupuncture treatment (else where) for two months with limited help. She could not raise her right arm and comb her hair. After my first treatment, she had significant improvement of her right shoulder range of motion. She can laterally raised her right arm (abduction) from previous 60 degree up to 90 degree and pain reduced. After 2nd treatment, she can move her arm above her head level, up to 130 degree, and after 3rd treatment, her range of motion was largely recovered.

Another woman in her early 50’s, has a similar story. She developed left shoulder pain a few months ago. Initially she thought that it would go away by itself so did not pay too much attention and did not seek any treatment. But her pain got worse with time and the range of motion of her shoulder reduced with time, to the point, she no longer was able to raise her arm. Also after my first treatment, she was able to abduct her arm up to 90 degree and subsequent few treatments restored her normal range of motion. Posted by Xingning Zhao 8/17/2019

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