Successful Treatment of Head Concussion

8/3/2019 A woman of 65 years old, fell accidentally from bicycle and hit her head and broke one finger. She developed severe headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting and double vision. Her doctor diagnosed her as head concussion and referred her to get physical therapy. After a couple of months of physical therapy, her symptoms did not improve and she quit her normal daily activities. She came to seek my help. Immediately after I finished the first acupuncture treatment, she claimed that her head became “clear.” After 4 – 5 treatments, all her symptoms were largely gone. She was so glad and went to Vermont for vacation with her friend. She probably did too much activities during the vacation and her headache relapsed. After my treatment, she is again largely symptoms free now. I currently treat her for her broken finger. Will do maintenance treatment for her head concussion as well. Xingning Zhao