Successful Treatment of Acid Reflux (GERD)

8/3/2019 A man in his 60’s has 30 years of history of severe acid reflux. He has been experiencing constant cough (caused by stomach acid reflux into his bronchus) with severe hoarseness, and indigestion. He took multiple anti-acid medications without effect. Finally in last year, he had anti-reflux surgery but the surgery did not make difference, and he developed diarrhea since the surgery. Every time he ate, he would develop diarrhea right away with severe abdominal cramps. Because of diarrhea, he avoided going outside and when he had to go outside, he brought a mobile toilet with him. He came to seek my help not long ago. After receiving my first treatment with acupuncture and herb, he said he had “magic change” with 50% improvement of diarrhea and other symptoms.  Now, his diarrhea is 85% improved and he resumes his normal outdoor activities. His cough and hoarseness also significantly reduced. We are continuing current treatment aiming further improvement. Xingning Zhao


Another case of GERD. A young man in his 20’s came a few days ago for acid reflux. He has this problem for a long time and is taking medication for it. The medication helps but he still has acid reflux often, almost daily. He thought of trying acupuncture, then did online search and found me! After the first acupuncture treatment, he reported that he has not experienced acid reflux over the last few days. We will continue the treatment to consolidate the result. Posted by Xingning Zhao on 11/24/2019

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  1. Medication has not helped me i have this terrible cough with a clear mucas no heart burn but i cant get a full sleep espically when i lay downits non stop coughing and mucus is like a half gallon a day help please

    1. You may or may not have acid reflux, but I should be able to help you one way or another. I need to evaluate you to see what problem you are having before I make a treatment plan.

      Dr. Zhao

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